Things You Need To Consider When Getting Bad Credit Mobile Phones

Bad credit mobile phone deals or no credit mobile phone deals are highly in-demand, especially amidst growing economical instability. The number of people with bad credit nowadays is slowly growing, and the market has grown enough to warrant the attention of mobile phone contract providers.

This is why, nowadays, it's easy to find mobile phone contract deals that cater specifically to people with bad credit. However, just like with any other financial contract, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. Before you sign that binding contract, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • The biggest downside to mobile phone contracts is that if you compare the numbers, you are ultimately paying more for the handset over time compared to buying it outright. For example, a handset that typically costs £600 if bought outright would cost around £800-£1000 if you compute and total the handset costs on your contract bill. However, it's still a viable option because with mobile phone contract, there's little to no initial costs, and a lot of people don't have the capacity to pay £600 outright.
  • For some people, contracts are very limiting. There are conditions you have to abide by, which might not suit the lifestyles of some people. Most contracts have a limit on calls, texts and bandwidth. If you go over your limit, you will be fined. There's also a lock-in period, where you can't terminate your contract prematurely. If you terminate it before your lock-in period ends, there's also a fine involved.
  • Since bad credit makes a person “high risk” for flight and non-payment, providers need certain guarantees to lessen the risk factor. This is why most bad credit mobile plans require you to pay a deposit upfront. This minimizes the loss a provider incurs if ever you neglect your financial obligations.

  • While there are a handful of no credit check mobile phone plans out there with a variety of handsets, including the newest ones, most of the time this isn't the case. Since bad credit customers are risky, most providers are hesitant to put the latest and most expensive phones on their bad credit offerings. Don't be too disappointed if the handset options are limited; instead you can settle for a bad credit mobile phone plan now with plans to upgrade to a better plan in the future. Remember, if you pay your bills right, you'll gain your provider's trust and in time you can trade-in your older handset to a newer one.

  • Most monthly plans offered by bad credit mobile phone contracts are pretty basic. Don't expect a huge amount of calls and texts on your monthly limit. Remember, even if providers approve your contract application, they don't trust you that much. Don't worry, as you're not stuck with this limitation forever. As time goes by, you can upgrade as you earn their trust.

While the mentioned points may disappoint you, remember that bad credit is not a good place to be. Even with its limitations, bad credit mobile phones are better than nothing. They can also act as a stepping stone as you recover from bad credit. Choose the best deal according to your preference and capacity, pay your bills promptly, and in no time you'll open up more opportunities for higher call and text limits, newer handsets and more goodies.

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